BJ’s Wholesale Club Readies for Holiday Shopping Season

Forget everything you know about the big bad box stores. There’s a new kid in town and they’re changing all of the rules.

The Westborough, M.A. based membership-chain opened its 200th store in Fayetteville, N.C. in June with a week-long celebration designed to introduce the local community to the convenience of one-stop shopping. Today, BJ’s continues to impress the Fayetteville community with more than 7,000 items including recognizable name brands and high quality food products. They also carry  the largest selection of organic and natural foods at incomparable prices.

Like other wholesale clubs BJ’s carries supermarket-sized staples, but they cater to the money conscious individual as well. Many of their products are sold in bulk but packaged individually to avoid waste. This is a new and refreshing concept in the wholesale market. Likewise, you can purchase large portions of meat and have them specially cut by BJ’s butchers with no extra charge. BJ’s also offers a full range of catering choices in their deli and bakery.

But BJ’s is so much more than a grocery store. The Fayetteville location includes a gas station with incredibly low prices for members and an automotive center. Their clothing department is fully stocked with name brand clothes for men, women, and children and at significantly lower prices than area department stores. The electronics department is impressive with the latest movies, music and video games.

They carry all of the latest best sellers in their book department for adults and children. They offer special packages for spa weekends, and roadside assistance. And for the adrenaline junkie there are motor cycles and go-carts!

Seasonal aisles are a shopper’s paradise; Christmas trees and decorations, wrapping paper and nativity scenes, as well as present options for even the most discerning shopper. Their toy department is arranged methodically by age group to make shopping easier than ever and they carry gift choices from the very traditional art sets and children’s books to the newest electronic gadgets.

BJ’s also boasts the most shopper friendly coupon policies around. They’re the only wholesale club to accept manufacturer’s coupons, but they also honor BJ’s coupons WITH manufacturer coupons on single items. “When purchasing a multi-pack of ‘individual for sale’ packaged items, which is a set of items that could be sold individually (each item has a barcode) shrink-wrapped and sold together, shoppers can combine one BJ’s issued coupon with a manufacturer’s coupons.” Coupons are available at the front of each store and are updated twice per month. They’re also available through the BJ’s website and can be found in the quarterly publication mailed to members.

5200 Red Tip Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314
Phone:(910) 764-1680