Cousin Popcorn’s On My Bar Cart

I’ve wanted a bar cart for the salon for eons but we really don’t drink very often so I couldn’t justify paying a LOT for one.  Then…we found this….


It WAS $130 at Target the first time I saw it.  The second time it had been marked down to $60 and by Thursday it was marked down to $38!!!  But…it gets better…I still had $15 on a gift card from my birthday so I paid a grand total of $23 for the most awesome bar cart ever.


The infamous Popcorn Sutton is my cousin…my 5th cousin to be exact…on my Great Granny Rachel’s side. Popcorn was famous for moon shining in the Great Smokey Mountains.  His family has gone ‘legit’ and they produce and sell moonshine in Popcorn’s name.  Which is how I came to own a mason jar full of moonshine this afternoon.  I’ve never had moon shine before…which is actually kind of sad considering Popcorn isn’t the only family member who ran moon shine through the mountains.  But I figured if I was going to try it…it had better be his.  (And it looks cute sitting on the bar cart)


“Moon shine” sounds kind of romantic, they made white whiskey by the light of the moon to avoid detection and all that stuff.  But really it’s like hell in a jar.   At first you think it’s kind of like tequila…only smoother.  Then the burn hits and you start to choke on what I’m guessing was my tongue…melting.  The fire reaches your belly and you flush all over…only it’s more like a hot flash and a volcano merged and had a baby inside of you.  You sweat. I didn’t even know i could sweat in some of the places that were sweating.  And then your belly hurts for five or six minutes and then…you think ‘that wasn’t so bad…maybe I’ll do another shot’.


For the record…it’s been 25 minutes and I’m still sweating.