2018 – Starting It Off Right

New Year’s resolutions hit hard around here.  I guess that’s because we successfully avoided making/breaking them for 20+ years.  We also avoided the flu for 20+ years…and then 2017 happened!  Whether it was kismet or the 10% effectiveness of this year’s flu shot…which only added to my distaste for the American medical association…I decided to it was to get proactive…take charge…and purge.

The first step was changing out our cleaning supplies.  I don’t even know how I discovered Grove Collaborative but they’re awesome!   And they have a special offer …get a Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, dish soap, multi-surface cleaner, AND scrubber sponges when you spend $20 on your first order at Grove. I modified my set a bit…took out a few suggested items and added a few., like the adorable metal pail, the Bubble Up scrub brush and…the hand sanitizer spray!  Yah..they have it in a spray!  this hasn’t left my side in two weeks!

I also purchased four spray bottles with pretty aqua nozzles for 88 cents each and I’m going to make a few products…like glass cleaner and additional room sprays.  I like to keep a separate basket of supplies upstairs…because I’m basically lazy.  Now I have a fully stocked set on each floor and I can clean knowing I’m not spraying toxic chemicals all over the house.